Thalasso Spa

The Thalasso Spa at Point Grace Resort on Providenciales is a full-service European-style Thalassotherapy spa. We have combined our knowledge of famous Thalgo Spas of France and have created a relaxing Caribbean ocean front environment for your enjoyment.

Thalassotherapy uses the properties of sea water as well as applications of sea mud and select seaweed by our breathtaking views of Princess Alexandra National Marine Park in Grace Bay. During treatments, specialists trained in these European techniques apply selected products of the highest quality. These treatments contribute to naturally restore vital energy.

Fresh sea breezes and a marvelous view of the ocean are part of the Thalasso beauty elements. Point Grace’s spa is located in three, white-washed buildings set apart at the east of the property and just back from the beach dune. The treatment rooms are designed to allow doors and windows to be open to the ocean view and sea air while guests are being pampered, yet privacy is maintained. Each high-ceilinged suite is thoroughly outfitted with massage table, marble sinks and an open-roofed shower.

This simple, naturally beautiful environment blends well with Juliane’s European influenced philosophy of wellness therapy. She says, “I believe in a pure, natural approach without the need for artifice. Professionalism, the knowledge that comes through our hands and the best products are all that is needed.”

Relax, rejuvenate or if there is a specific health concern we can help you with, one of our packages is sure to fit your specific needs, Tailor made or custom packages can also be arranged for your convenience.


Thalgo Facial

One of the most complete and personalized deep pore cleansing treatments that you will ever experience. Customized for normal, sensitive, dry or oily skin types. This sumptuous facial allows the skin to be deeply cleansed, leaving it moisturized and protected.
$130 / 60 minutes

Sphatika* Facial

Our treatment features the Sphatika Skincare Line, offering pure, natural, chemical-free botanical products of the highest quality. Rich with natural antioxidants and other nourishing ingredients, these products promote softer and firmer feeling skin. (All types of skin)
$132 / 60 minutes

Aloe Facial

This soothing, cooling and rehydrating face treatment is pure heaven for sun-kissed skin, and also for frequent flyers who suffer from dry, dehydrated skin. It reduces redness and burns, offering immediate comfort. We harvest the 100% organic Aloe Vera leaves in our Spa gardens, and prepare a fresh blend before each treatment.
$126 / 60 minutes

Men’s Rejuvenating Facial

This conditioning facial is designed specially for men. After cleansing, steaming and exfoliating, the skin is treated to soothing and hydrating botanicals for a clearer, firmer, and more youthful look. You will leave feeling fresh and relaxed.
and wrinkles.
$130 / 60 minutes

Add to any Facial

Fresh Bloom

Intensify your facial treatment with this Marine Collagen Sheet Treatment (Face and Neck) for absolute hydration of sun damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment softens and smoothes the skin and helps to maintain moisture. It will leave a glowing complexion and youthful freshness.
$72 / 30 minutes

Fresh Eyes

Using pure soluble marine collagen, this luxurious eye treatment leaves the eye contour soft and smooth, and plumps up fine lines and wrinkles.
$36 / 15 minutes

Eyebrow Styling & Shaping

Eyebrow styling and shaping

Eyebrow tint

Eyelash tint

A treatment created just for you can always be arranged

Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage

Our signature massage, relaxing techniques as well as movements designed to improve circulation, ease tension, reduces stress and relax the body and mind.
$130 / 60 minutes
$210 / 90 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage

Feel the need for a really deep massage? Put yourself in our expert therapist’s hands for a deep tissue massage experience that provides the best therapeutic modalities for releasing deep muscle layers. It’s the ultimate muscle meltdown.
$150 / 60 minutes
$220 / 90 minutes

Sports Massage

No matter what your sport or activity, this massage helps reduce tension, increase range of motion and provide a focused warm-up for critical joints and muscle groups.
$140 / 60 minutes

Aromatherapy Massage

Enjoy all-natural, sense seducing escape from everyday world. Nourish the skin, eliminate toxins and strengthen the immune system while contributing to equilibrium of mind, body and spirit. This fragrant, full body treatment is the ultimate healthy pleasure. Just breathe.
$156 / 60 minutes

Reflexology Massage

Release life’s tensions through the energy meridians of the body located on the soles of your feet. Delight in this relaxing, therapeutic foot massage that improves circulation and restores energy flow throughout the entire body.
$60 / 30 minutes
$120 / 60 minutes

Hot Stone Therapy

The combination of massage and stone placement circling the spine, radiating through the shoulders and neck, and flowing down the legs to the feet, melts away tension within the body. The hot stones are known to facilitate the flow of relaxation through the mind, body and spirit.
$222 / 75 minutes

Back Head Massage

Great for those who would like to concentrate on this area of back, shoulder, neck and head.
$84 / 30 minutes

Thai Massage

In this tempting treatment we bring together Swedish and Thai massage to help improve flexibility, promote circulation and stimulate the release of toxins throughout the lymphatic system. It is designed to strengthen the body’s vital energy so you will emerge with renewed spirit.
$155 / 60 minutes

Raindrop Technique

This application technique uses a sequence of therapeutic Grade A essential oils which are dispensed like droplets of rain from a height of about six inches onto the spine. These oils are lightly brushed with gentle strokes up the spine, along with occasional massage techniques. The powerful oils benefit your body. Good for people backache, depression, nervous system, emotional problems.
$180 / 60 minutes

Hand & Foot Treatments

Spa Luxury Manicure

Give your hard working hands a treat and let them relax while we clean the cuticles, reshape, buff and polish the nails for the ultimate grooming. An invigorating hand massage dispels tension and rehydrates tired hands.
$60 / 50 minutes

Spa Luxury Pedicure

Give your feet some extra attention and a time out from carrying you through life. Delight in a soothing foot soak followed by a lavender-mint exfoliating treatment, nail shaping, cuticle removal as well as nail polish to maintain healthy well groomed feet. Our foot massage will ease stress and strain from tired feet.
$60 / 50 minutes

Scrubs & Wraps

Smoothie Salt Scrub

This treatment starts with a natural aromatic Salt Scrub which stimulates the circulation and leaves the skin irresistibly soft and smooth. Our Thalgo hydrating lotion completes this treatment, moisturizing for the ultimate glow.
$102 / 45 minutes

Luscious Coconut Scrub

The perfect treat for sensitive skin prone to redness. Escape into the essences of tropical aromas! Our delicious skin smoothing body scrub is made of Coconut Flakes for a gentle exfoliation, Coconut Oil to soften your skin and Ylang-Ylang Aroma Oil to relieve and unwind your soul.
$102 / 45 minutes

Thalgo Scrub

A gentle scrub that eliminates dead skin to promote cell renewal. The application of Thalgo’s Hydrating Cream leaves your skin feeling soft and supple.
$115 / 45 minutes

Mud wrap

Thalgo natural Sea Salt and Marine Muds are combined to activate circulation and to reduce fatty deposits. It relaxes the body, relieves muscle pain and joint tension. Perfect for those with iodine sensitivity.
$120 / 50 minutes

Algae Wrap

This micronized Marine Algae wrap not only tones and softens the skin, but also has a positive effect on cellulite, excess weight and water. Not recommended for those with thyroid problems.
$120 / 50 minutes

Aloe Wrap

Combined with a blend of essential oils to restore, rehydrate and moisturize the skin which has been over exposed to the sun. Good for people who have had too mush sun.
$102 / 50 minutes

Body Treatments

Lymphatic Drainage

Slow movements of the hand and thumb are used in this therapeutic massage to stimulate the lymph flow and accelerate the removal of toxins. This technique promotes health in the lymphatic system as well as other bodily systems such as the circulatory, respiratory, muscular and endocrine systems.
$168 / 75 minutes

Lymphatic Drainage for Legs

This treatment combats swollen, heavy legs, and is beneficial in reducing fatty deposits which cause the appearance of cellulite.
$130 / 40 minutes

Pregnancy Massage

This gentle, soothing, massage eases muscle tension and fatigue during pregnancy by focusing on the special needs of the mother-to-be. (Must be more than 3 months)
$142 / 50 minutes

Crystal Clear

Ear candling is a non-invasive and relaxing experience! The warmth of the smoke allows the ear to eliminate ear wax naturally. It helps clear the sinuses which can also improve the senses of hearing, smell, taste and balance. This healing technique relieves sinus pressure, swimmer’s ear, ear aches, headaches and other ear-related symptoms.
$90 / 40 minutes

Point Grace has been named the “Caribbean’s Leading Boutique Hotel” every year since 2005

Package Treatments

Natural Beauty

Salt Scrub • Aloe Wrap • Swedish Massage • Aloe Facial
$370 / 3.5 hr

Pearl of Beauty

Thalgo Scrub • Algae • Deep Tissue Massage • Thalgo Facial
$405 / 3.5 hr

Tropical Island

Coconut Scrub • Mud Wrap • Thai Massage • Sphatika Facial
$399 / 3.5 hr

Men’s Rejuvenating

Body Scrub • Sport Massage • Pedicure or Manicure • Men’s Facial
$355 / 3.5 hr

Kids’ Treatment

Your little ones between 3 and 12 are more than welcome at our spa. Why not treat them every now and then, they need it!

Mini Massage

A 30 minute relaxing full body or back massage helps to unwind after a fun day of being active in the water and playing in the sun.
$60 / 30 min

Mini Cooling Wrap

Fresh aloe helps to rehydrate and cool sun-strained skin
$60 / 30 min

Mini Manicure/Pedicure

Nice, clean and hands feet, plush a lovely splash of color on the nail, isn’t that what a girl wants?
$36 / 30 min

Fresh sea breezes, marvelous ocean views, all part of the Thalasso beauty essentials

Points of Interest

Spa Arrival

Please understand that late arrivals will not receive an extension of scheduled treatments in order that our next guest will not be inconvenienced. Please plan to arrive at least 5 minutes before your treatment.


Guests who wish to change or cancel an appointment are kindly requested to provide a minimum of 12 hours’ notice, otherwise the full cost of the treatment will be charged.

Spa Etiquette

Our spa is a place of tranquility and relaxation. Please respect the spa guests’ right to privacy and serenity. We kindly ask that all cellular phones are turned off while at the spa.

Your Health

We prefer that you inform us of any health conditions, allergies, injuries or pregnancy when making your spa reservations and or before the beginning of your treatment. Consumption of alcohol before or directly after spa treatments is not recommended.

In Room Massage

In room massages for Hotel Guests are available at an additional cost of $40.

Service Charge

All treatments are subject to a 10% Hotel Service Charge. Tips are left to your discretion.

Our Products

Point Grace is pleased to have been selected as the Exclusive Distributors of: Sphatika* spa products, Young Living* products; Raw Botanicals* and Thalgo* products in The Turks & Caicos.


Spa treatments by appointment: 946.5096 Ext. 4129